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Big Creek Angel P 131
"Leading Ladies"
Big Creek Angel P
BW     WW      YW       M       TM       SC
2.0    21.1   31.9   10.1   20.7    0.9
BW     WW     YW        M         TM       SC
-1.1   18.6   27.5    12.3   21.6     0.4
Big Creek Wind Chill P
Wyoming Wind x Big Creek Didi P
He is a maternal brother to Sparks Charolais senior herd sire,
Titanium, Addi, who was the 2001 Reserve Missouri State Fair
Annie, the 2002-2003 9th Place Show Female of the
Year, and
Belle Starr, who was many times division Champion
or Reserve this year.  Wyoming Wind sired our
Angel and Hell's
Thanks to Connell Farms and Hannah Henley,
Eugene, MO, for purchasing Wind Chill.
BW      WW    YW      M       TM      SC
-0.2   15.2   28.9   7.7   15.3   0.9
BW  92
Adj. WW  847
Pictures taken 3-17-04
Actual Wt. 1019
Big Creek Cracker Jack P
Kojack x Wyoming Wind
Big Creek Rich Girl P
JGS Merit Time (Big Time) x Lakeview's Angel
Big Creek Paris P
JGS Merit Time (Big Time) x Hell's Angel
Special thanks to Cole & Audra Wyble,
Bowling Green, MO, for selecting
Cracker Jack from the Missouri State Sale.
Special thanks to Winters Charolais, Galena, IL,
for selecting Rich Girl from the Missouri State
Special thanks to Marty Lewis, Monroe, IA, for
his purchase of Paris at the Renaissance Sale.
Big Creek Hell's Angel P x LT Western Edge
Big Creek Whistler 831 P ET
RC Budsmydad x Big Creek Angel P
Big Creek Western Angel P
Big Creek Guardian 832 P ET
Son of Wyoming Wind and Big Creek Angel P -
making him a full brother to our National Champion
Big Creek
Angel P 131.
Great results are in:
Feed Efficiency
Quality Grade
7 stars - Rib Eye Area
4 stars - Tenderness
4 stars - Marbling
5 stars - Docility
5 stars - Stayability
Big Creek Eve 931 P ET
Fancy daughter of the proven RC Budsmydad and
34th National Champion Female,
Big Creek Angel P
131.  Loads of eye-appeal, capacity and attractiveness
in this femaile.  Backed by generations of maternal
power, she'll make a brood cow deluxe.
Thanks to Sparks Charolais, LaMonte,
MO, for purchasing Whistler as their
next herd sire.
Thanks to Randy Griggs, IL, for
purchasing Western Angel.
Thanks to Bruce Fox, MO, for selecting
Guardian for his next herd sire.
Big Creek Redemption 933 Pld
JH Condemned x Lakeview's Angel R46 P ET
Special thanks to Haslag Farms, Bonnet's Mill, MO,
for making Redemption their next herd sire.
Big Creek Kate 031 P
JH 717 Tyra 926 P
Big Creek Durango 941 P ET
Angel P.  He'll add structure and eye-appeal to his calves.  
Big testicles, easy going and sound footed.  

Thanks to Smith Charolais for their purchase of Durango!
Big Creek Blockbuster 972 P ET
Herd sire from LT Assertion and Big Creek Angel P 131.  He's a
bull with extra capacity, big testicles and a smooth look.  He'll
work on heifers too.  Full brother to Bar S Ranch, KS, senior
herd sire, Swegle Creek Ko Jo.

Thanks to Hostetler Farms for their purchase of Blockbuster!
Special thanks to Circle Cee Charolais and
Medonte Charolais, AB, Canada, for their
purchase of Tyra 926 and a flush in her
dam, Tyra 717.
Special thanks to Clark Behrends, TX, for the purchase
of Kate - see her next year on the circuit! in Texas!
Big Creek Pistol Annie 111 P
1-12-11    F1135761
Bluegrass x Tyra 717
HBR Equalizer x Kate's Wind
Big Creek Blue Belle 122 P
F1141329     2-23-11
Big Creek HF Dixie Chick 191 P
9-1-11     F1145389
Big Creek Dixie 221 P
Big Creek Backdraft 193 Pld
Big Creek Smokehouse 181 Pld
Dam: Big Creek Ann Marie (Grid Maker x Fasttrack x D040)
Dam: M6 Ms 104 Mamie 938 (Grid Maker x Wyoming Wind x Cigar)
Special thanks to Evan Yost,West Virginia,
for selecting Dixie! Wishing him the best of
luck with his purchase.
Super show heifer by Big Creek Indian Outlaw and Big
Creek Addison. First daughter of either to sell, and she
commanded $5400 in Kansas City. Special thanks to
Umbaugh Charolais, IA for their purchase.
Eye-appealing daughter of Bluegrass and a Big Creek
Hell's Angel daughter.  She got lots of attention at last
year's Iowa Beef Expo where Taryn Tibbeol, IA,
selected her for her show string.
Thanks to Ella Barrett, KS, for her selection of this
fancy daughter of LC Southpaw and a Baldridge
Kojack daughter from the Renaissance Sale!
Big Creek Patriot 1102 P ET
10-8-11     EM821108
Sale Archives
Big Creek Claire 241
4-4-12       F1157458
Big Creek HF Kara 292 P
9-1-12   F1162123
10-24-12   EF1162249
Big Creek HF Ms Nancy 1246
Big Creek HF Ms Nancy 1247 P
10-25-12   EF1162250
M6 Ms H45 Nancy 382 - dam
JH Tyra 717 ET Pld
TR Kate's Wind 602 ET
Kate in production spring 2012.
Special thank you to JVS Cattle, La, for purchasing both Nancy females in the Missouri State Sale!
We wish you much success with these two future donors!
Big thank you to Utopia Genetics, MO,
for your purchase of Kate's flush.  
Looking forward to seeing calves!!
Thank you Henderson Family, Stillwater, OK,
for purchasing Tyra's flush. Looking forward
to seeing the fancy club calves from this
Special thanks to Nikki Harris, Hepler, KS,
for her purchase of Kara! Good luck!