QUEEN PUNKIN is the seventh AICA Diamond Dam of Distinction. She was born on March
15, 1969. She is out of Prince Charmer and Genice. Her maternal grandsire is Alphonse.  
QUEEN PUNKIN had her first calf May 8, 1971 and her tenth and qualifying calf March 25,
1980. She had her eleventh calf on March 14, 1981, one day before her 12th birthday!!  
QUEEN PUNKIN'S 10 calves weighed an average of 748 pounds and indexed 15% above the
average adjusted 205-day weight of their 111 contemporaries. For full story, refer to the
Charolais Journal May 1981.

QUEEN PUNKIN has provided Big Creek Charolais with a solid foundation to build a cow
herd around. The PUNKIN family has been the base of the Big Creek breeding program for
many years. The fabulous PUNKIN descendents have proven to be great for the breed. The
fertility, maternal ability, and structural correctness has proven to last through the ages. Not to
mention the great dispositions.

Pictured below are all of QUEEN PUNKIN's qualifying calves for the Diamond Dam award.
1971- first calf- Deussany bull
1972- Apollon heifer - 205 wt.
'72- Apollon calf as heifer
Queen Punkin shortly before Cadet
heifer was born
1973- Cadet Roussel heifer
1973- Queen Punkin and Cadet Roussel
1974- Queen Punkin and Buffalo heifer calf
1974- Caroline a little
1976- Excalibur bull -
1977- Excalibur heifer - Princess
1978- Queen Punkin and Deacon John
bull calf -- 205 wt. 809 without creep!!
1978- Deacon John bull - approx. 9
1979- Queen Punkin and CoCo Mo John
1979- 79 CoCo Mo John bull at 18
1980- Queen Punkin and CoCo Mo
John calf
1981- 11th calf- born 1 day before 12th birthday-
CoCo Mo John heifer- she hasn't slowed up yet!!
1975- Queen Punkin and 2nd Buffalo heifer
QUEEN PUNKIN (top picture) on the cover
of the May 1981
Charolais Journal for being
recognized as the 7th AICA Diamond Dam of